Best Of India - All Non-Veg Curry Spreads | Value Pack of 6
Best Of India - All Non-Veg Curry Spreads | Value Pack of 6
Best Of India - All Non-Veg Curry Spreads | Value Pack of 6
Best Of India - All Non-Veg Curry Spreads | Value Pack of 6

Best Of India - All Non-Veg Curry Spreads | Value Pack of 6

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Bringing the best of authentic flavours from all corners of the nation to you in one deal. No meal-o-drama. Just use the way you like.

Here is what this includes:
1. Kadai Chicken  2. Chettinad Chicken 3. Butter Chicken 4.Chicken Tikka Masala 5. Chicken MakhaniX2

How to use: Curry Spreads: 1. Apply on breads, parathas, pizzas, dosas, rolls or mix it with rice. Enhance the taste & bring out the aroma by heating before use. 2. Add hot water to make a curry. It doubles up in quantity. Enjoy your delicious curry with roti and rice.

Why is it so-good?

Ready to-eat, 30 gms of chicken protein each of the chicken spreads, Real ingredients, Immunity boosters, Low carb, High Fibre, No gluten, No transfat.

Key Ingredients: Kadai chicken spread: Chicken (minced), Tomato, Curd, Kadai masala spice blend (in-house).

Chettinad chicken spread: Chicken (minced), Coconut, Milk, Chettinad spice blend (in-house).

Butter chicken spread: Chicken (minced), Tomato, Curd, Butter, Cashew nut, Cream, Butter masala spice blend (in-house).

Chicken Tikka Masala spread: Chicken (minced), Butter, Cream, Curd, Cashew nut, Tikka masala spice blend (in-house), Charcoal smoke

Chicken Makhani spread: Chicken (minced), Curd, Cream, Butter, Cashew Nut, Tomato, Makhani spice paste (in-house).

Preservatives: Natural plant-based antioxidant & 0.1% INS211

How-to store: Keep refrigerated at all times. Consume within 45 days of opening the jar for best results. Keep frozen to extend shelf life. 

Net Weight: Each of the 6 glass jars contain 200 gms of concentrated curry spread.

Serving size: 4 servings per jar. 24 servings in this value pack. Increase number of servings by diluting it with hot water and adding salt to taste.

Disclaimer: Certain updates are pending. In case of any queries please connect with us on Whatsapp link on the website. We will be happy to assist you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tonol Murmu
Traditional Indian Delicacies in a Modern Avatar

Recently I have purchased 5 kinds of ready to eat chicken based various traditional Indian curry spreads from Kalchi. They were hygienically packed, and were delicious to consume with rice or piṭhas. The quality was at par with the wares offered by various star rated hotels or popular chain of restaurants. The labelling is informative and in compliance with international standards, though I would have liked to see the particular details of added sugar and common salt mentioned on the labels. Last but not the least, their customer service is very efficient and cordial. I strongly recommend Kalchi to all the foodies out there.

Lysander Fernandes
The Perfect No Hassle Breakfast/Snack/ Whatever

If you're looking for something thats quick, tasty and no mess scenes which can form a part of either your breakfast, your evening snack or even a full blown dinner. THIS IS IT! I accidentally stumbled upon this site and ordered a lot of 3 because obv skepticism. From there I went on to order 2 cases of 6 (non veg) in under 3 weeks and I am someone who is extremely picky about food. Just go for it. You won't be disappointed. I've tried only their non veg offerings although I wouldn't doubt them at all for their veg spreads either.

Amazing product, amazing flavours

I like all the products of Kalchi. You can cook so many different types of items using these. We use the spreads, add some warm water and little salt and use it with chicken, paneer, tofu, corn and what not. Made our life during lockdown easier. Kudos !!


the only thing that is good is the taste ,its too overpriced as quantity even with dilution will only serve 2 people ..and chicken minces are very tiny ..u dont get the feel of eating chicken at all...

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