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In the F&B landscape there didn't exist any brand who we could befriend as a customer and have conversations with. Brands have always been pushing products that suits them in terms of achieving economies of scale and profitability but ignored the customer completely. But times have changed and now the customer is looking for more context and information than mere products.

It really bothered us as to why is there no brand which ticked all boxes for the customers; Taste, Nutrition, Safety, Versatility, Trust worthiness.

Therefore, the day we started our entrepreneurial journey in food, we were very clear we got to address these pain-points of customers. It took us months of hard work figuring it out & btw, we leant it the hard way. We are happy that we have been successful in building a superior product. Of course we love to learn & unlearn, while we continue to grow.

Our Story

Kalchi was born in summer of 2017, when Sudeep and Payal having already ventured into diverse formats in the food & beverage industry, identified a gap in the availability of safe, affordable and nutritious packaged  products. Like other young & busy parents, they were always struggling to prepare delicious and nutritious quick meals for their children. 

 Then began the real work. A skilled Chef was hired, trials began in Payal's home kitchen, lab tests were done to get reasonable shelf life. First product prototype was ready for A/B testing within their residential community. Feedback was gathered and iterations were made again and again to achieve the best results.

It took nine months to make the baby. Bang, Kalchi came to the world!

What's in the name?

Ancient Indian recipes are heavily influenced by Ayurveda. We at Kalchi are making a genuine effort towards educating people about the goodness of Ayurveda and enriching people health by combining Ayurveda and Indian cuisine. This explains our Brand Name “Kalchi” which means a Ladle or serving spoon in Sanskrit. We proudly stand by our Brand positioning statement as well - ” Serving Indian Traditions”.

Handcrafted and free from artificial colours & flavours, the taste of each product will take you straight to the roots of authentic Indian flavours. Kalchi has been created for convenience and ease of enjoying regular Indian food without preparation woes. Our pre-cooked range is garden fresh and nutritionally well-balanced.

Kalchi is the flagship brand of MintSprint Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd., based out of Bangalore, India.

 Our Presence

For over 4 years Kalchi retail products are being sold through major modern retail stores such as Spar Hypermarket, Big Bazaar and Natures’ Basket in Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai.

We sell internationally & nationally through our own website and various other channels.

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