● 2 Boiled Poatoes
● ½ Jar of Kalchi Kadhai Chicken Spread
● 4 Hot dog buns
● 1 Onion into slices
● 1 Tomatoes into slices
● 1 Cucumber into slices
● ¼ cabbage chopped
● Oil to shallow fry


● For Patty: Heat two tsp oil and add boiled potatoes. Cover on low flame for 2 minutes.
● Add Kalchi Kadhai Chicken Spread, mix well and toss for 2 minutes. Keep aside to cool.
● Roll the mixture lengthwise patty and shallow fry them till golden brown & crispy
● For Hot Dog- Slit the hot dog bun from the center & toast by applying butter (optional)
● Open the bun and apply dip of your choice
● Arrange chopped tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, onion & veg patty over the bun. Enjoy.

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