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Dal Makhani with Rice

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Dal Makhani with Rice


This creamy Dal Makhni is just such a gift.

It wins all categories: Creamy, smoky, rich taste, versatility, nutritional punch.


We have done so many curry spreads before – like Malabar paneer, with paneer cooked in Malabar spices, and Butter chicken, with chicken cooked in butter masala gravy, and Kadai Chicken, with chicken cooked in aromatic spices in a wok. But this one is special because:

  • There is no cooking required
  • Its best solution for straight-up comfort food
  • Its for those who want to eat well.

We always want to highlight the quality of ingredients that go inside our spreads. This classic Indian dish is made by simmering whole urad dal, rajma with butter, cream and spices. It is one of the most popular lentil dishes originated in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Traditionally Dal Makhani was prepared by simmering lentils on wood/ coal fire for several hours. This slow cooking for prolonged hours yielded a creamy, thick dal.

The recipe of Dal Makhni is easy and needs only few ingredients. However, it requires a lot of cooking time. So, this is best suited for weekend or special occasions. Good news!! With Kalchi, You can enjoy your favourite almost anytime and anywhere.

Dal Makhani goes well with Butter naan or jeera rice. A bit of garnish with cream enhances the flavour.

How we make in our kitchen:

Overnight the black lentil and red kidney beans are soaked in water. Next morning, they are boiled and cooked in pressure cooker. In a heavy bottom pot, butter and ghee is added. Whole spices are sautéed and then onion, garlic, ginger is added and sautéed till golden brown. Then goes in tomato puree and soaked and boiled black lentil and red kidney beans with water. Then salt and powdered spices are added. Cooking is continued for about an hour and a half. It is finished off by adding crushed dried fenugreek leaves and garnish with cream. Lastly the Dal Makhni is smoked by use of traditional charcoal method.

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Restaurant staple flavoured with spices and finished with butter for the signature richness.

Prep time: Ready to Heat

Serving size: 4

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