5 Creative Ways to Use Kalchi Spreads and Dips

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Lets spread some joy by applying Kalchi as the topper to your toast. We know, you are one of those who loves to add Indian flavour to every meal you eat. Let us elevate your meal to the best with these ideas:

1. Food is where chicken stuffed Parathas is:

Drizzle the soft, flaky parathas with a layer of smooth chicken flavoured Kalchi spread and have it on-the-go. Kalchi being a two-in-one combination saves your time and also gives you the exact taste of stuffed gravy in parathas. Also, it provides a free advantage of taste; giving you the fantastic taste of chicken you can't stop eating.

2. Time for the Desi Garlic Bread:

Add a pinch of spice to the Italian bread by drenching the loaf with an authentic Indian flavour of your choice. You can also pair it up with mayo dips which is an evergreen classic of condiments. Wait, there's more, if you are a person who cannot get enough of garlic, then you should try the combo of chilli garlic dip with garlic bread.

3. The Spicy Indian savoury Pancakes:

Let's make an Indian version out of whatever we get, and this time it is pancakes. Let us spread Kalchi over the fluffy layer of the pancakes; giving it an authentic taste and balanced nutrition. You have got to try something different. Maybe it is time for the spicy Indian savoury pancakes.

4. Achari Idlis:

Idlis without achar are incomplete, but worry not, we have got the Kalchi Achari Dip that will make your idlis taste like little drops of heaven; so tasty that you can't resist yourself from eating it. Why don't you give it a try, we are sure you will lick the red smear off your finger and think "Phew, that was one delicious combo."

5. Pan-Naan Land: The land of unlimited Paneer spreads with Naans

Let us accept it, Naans without the paneer gravy feels incomplete. To make it complete, we have got the perfect solution to it-Kalchi Paneer Butter Masala, Kadai Paneer, Malabar Paneer spreads. The perfect blend of the taste and aroma will take you to the land of Pan-Naan Land. With innumerable flaky layers, Kalchi complements almost every dish and can be eaten anytime, anywhere.

Hope these 5 tantalizingly creative experiments pleased your taste buds, if not, we will be back with more recipes soon!

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