About us

Hello from Kalchi!

Kalchi, meaning ladle, is an inspiration from the Indian kitchen. It is used for serving an Indian meal, as well as stirring spices in curries. Timeless recipes from the Indian kitchen have been perfected by Kalchi to bring ready-to-eat Curry Spreads and Dips & Spreads to the Indian home.

Handcrafted and free from artificial preservatives, the taste of each product will take you straight to the roots of authentic Indian flavours. Kalchi has been created for convenience and ease of enjoying regular Indian food without preparation woes. Our pre-cooked range is garden fresh and nutritionally well-balanced.

Kalchi is the flagship brand of MintSprint Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd., based out of Bangalore, India.


Sharing the common passion of wanting to deliver convenience through food innovation Co-founder Payal Srivastava, embarked on this fascinating journey with Sudeep Srivastava. “In today’s fact-paced lifestyle, with long workdays & busy schedules, it is often hard to find time to cook & enjoy a fresh, nutritious, well balanced & a delicious meal. Our recipes are developed after a thorough research on the Indian palette. This has led us to create healthy, nutritious, authentic Indian food that is all convenient, Natural & Fresh”

Just sit back, relax and snack on Kalchi!